Category: snacks

Tasty & Healthy options

Trail Mix

Ultra-healthy snacking! A custom blend of 9 power-packed whole nuts, luscious berries and seeds, garnished with a pinch of rock salt.

Cake Rusk

With a slight essence of vanilla and baked to perfection for the scrummy crunchiness, the Cake Rusk is a light delight that goes well with a piping hot cup of chai.

Methi khakhra

Savour a traditional Indian snack with a twist. Masala Mathri are crispy flaky cracker prepared from flour and coated with a delicious dry spices mixture.

Banana chips

Crispy, crunchy and light! Made from the finest Nendran bananas, the Banana Chips are a quick, on-the-go snack that can make even the connoisseurs go bananas.

Chai Biscuts

Filled with goodness of fruits, grains & nuts, the Chai Biscuit by Chai Point is a crispy, crunchy, protein packed on-the-go hunger solution.

Masala Biscuits

Masala Biscuts

Enjoy flaky baked bites with the goodness of carom seeds, seasoned with masala powder – a perfect companion for your evening chai ritual.